Year 0 – New World, planet Earth’s scarce natural resources. The capital, currency, do not make much difference when you want to buy something, that the other one do not want to sell. Nobody wants to sell their water or your oxygen.

The output for this situation was to gather all nations into a single objective: Discover, breaking new ground. By chance, fate, providence, perhaps, it was discovered life on Mars, and with this life, the exploitation of underground ice on the planet, source for water and oxygen needed for survival on Earth.

To regularize the operation, was built a colony city called Minimarte, and weekly new settlers are sent; specialized in various skills. The ruler is President George War, already elected in the colony, as a conservative man, decent, honorable and very democratic, the taste of the settlers living in the city.

As in all colonization honored, dignified, secular; domination of native people occurs peacefully. The exploitation of the planet occurs in a sustainable and respectful. The natives are conducted to learn the official language, culture, and religion in special schools.