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Minimarte Presentation( the presentation for crowdfunding ) from Ricardo Graça

Watch the slide presentation, choose a gift and help us donating some value, please! The martians Thank you!

The Project Minimarte is na animated series showing the colonization of Mars. The humans are doing it again. Colonizing and slavering. All animations are made with open source tools and under copyleft. Making of and source files will be released at the end of the series.

The development The series is been produced in 18 months, with 6 production steps, totalizing 6 episodes with 2 minutes each one.

 The finished episodes They are two: Episode #0 – Prophet Transmition Episode #1 – New Settlers


Donate R$ 5 Credits under  site

Donate R$ 10  The above + credits under “special thanks”, inside animations.

Donate R$ 30 The above + book “Produzindo Animações com Softwares Livres”.

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