Episode #1-1/2

Posted by on 14 Apr, 2013

Episode #1-1/2

New Settlers. On each arrival of new settlers, a video is presented to them on Minimarte.

This episode, the main companies that sponsors the colonization are presented: Bubble TV, Booble Technologies and Mainsaint seeds.


Ricado Graça/ Eduardo Graça

Animation/ edition:
Ricardo Graça

Sound edition:
Ricardo Graça

Swing Diablo Orchestra – Creative Commons licence.

Creative Commons: some rights reserved – Attribution – Noncommercial – Share Alike

Making of:

booble gewar mont2 Captura-cockpit_close.mpg-1Captura-crianca0001-0180.mp4-1 Captura de tela de 2012-12-29 11:45:36 Captura-fluids.mpg-1

Synfig e Blender used for composition and animation. For this episode, all characters were animated with Blender, with 2D style, and than exported as image sequences imported to Synfig.

All vector illustrations were made with Inkscape, and exported to synfig, and to Blender as PNG files.

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